CTO Bands

We go to extremes so that when your event arrives, you've only got one job: to have the night of your life!

A CTO Band is a well-oiled machine whose only goal is to make your party perfect. To accomplish that goal, we hire and train the very best musicians on every detail - from choreography to cutting-edge song selections. Then we deliver the most high-energy performances you've ever seen, and that magic ingredient is what makes a CTO party so

When you book a CTO band, you aren't just hiring players. You're getting another ally, another helping hand. Your bandleader will work closely with you in the months leading up to your big day to make sure every detail is precise and perfect. They will also liaise with all of your other event professionals to ensure that everyone is working from the same playbook.

CTO Carousel®

CTO Carousel, led by seasoned pro Howard Goldstein, is no stranger to the music business. Some of the band's members have been together for twenty years - but they've never let themselves get comfortable, choosing instead to grow and change and improve over time.

This versatile group spans every imaginable genre, from the Rat Pack up through modern pop stars, and everything in between. Their fearless sets are always immaculately tailored to your tastes, and always executed with polish and power.

The three singers in the band's front line are all about energy and exuberance, and bring inventive harmonies and youthful passion to every performance. Under Howard's watchful leadership, CTO Carousel promises a full-service experience, from detailed planning efforts all the way through to a vibrant show populated by the songs you most want to hear.